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Test Data
Camera Sea&Sea MX-10 with YS-40A strobe
Optional equipment MXTENDERTM Optical Strobe Cable System
Film Kodacolor 100
Strobe Set to manual ("on")
Aperture f/4.5
Camera-Subject Distance Approximately 3 feet
Test site Caribbean Reef Exhibit in the Aquarium of the Americas, New Orleans.
Methods The light-colored gravel covering the bottom of the exhibit, some of which has broken down into fine siltlike particles, was agitated to suspend those particles in the water column, thus simulating real-world conditions of turbidity. Visibility was reduced to 5-10 feet. A photograph was then taken using the camera in its standard configuration. This was done at several predetermined spots within the exhibit. Our new accessory was then installed, and the same procedure was repeated. The water turbidity was made to be at least as bad as it was for the first series of photographs, and often slightly worse, to insure a fair test. 2 rolls of film were taken, one with the 35mm built-in lens and one with the 20mm conversion lens, at the same spots and using the same technique.

The results are below. Please email us your comments.

Scans were done at 72dpi. These images have not been manipulated in any way.

35MM Lens
Camera in standard configuration Camera with MXTENDERTM
Typical backscatter. Turbid water, but no scatter.

A flat, monotonous photograph. This crevice actually extends back about 4 feet!

Depth, vivid detail, and absence of backscatter.

20mm lens
Excessive, unacceptable backscatter. Same photograph, same conditions.
Another shot ruined by suspended particles. Turbid water, but no scatter.
Again, along with some backscatter, the crevice appears flat and dimensionless. Dramatic detail, depth, and texture, as well as a backscatter-free photograph.

Please email us your comments and questions.

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