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Comments from Save-A-Lens KitTM Users

The instructions for fitting the Save-A-Lens Kit to the camera and lenses were crystal-clear, and I used the kit's stainless steel ring to connect the system to my BCD (stab jacket) via a double carabiner strap. Thus, while underwater, I could let the whole camera system including lenses, strobe etc. hang free if I wanted to use both hands for a task, or for mask clearing etc.

This was the first time I'd used the camera system, and the peace of mind and security of knowing that I was most unlikely to lose a lens if I did fumble a lens swap underwater was worth every cent the kit cost. During my first night dive of the trip the kit proved its worth when the framer for my 1:3 macro lens became detached from the lens. Of course the lens itself was relatively safe and secure attached to the front of the camera, but the kit saved the framer from sinking into the darkness. Had it not been attached it would have been lost for good - we'd never have found it in the darkness of the night dive.

Like any good design, the kit does precisely what it was intended to do, and it does it easily, making life very much easier for the underwater photographer. The Save-A-Lens Kit is good and cost-effective insurance - it only needs to do its job once and it's more than paid for itself. I now can't imagine taking my camera system underwater without it. The peace of mind and simple confidence that using the kit engenders means I can wholly concentrate on the task of underwater photography, without worrying about gear coming loose and being lost.

So, all in all, I'm very pleased.

Mike Thomson, UK

I'm an active PADI Divemaster and Underwater Photographer. I tried the Save-A-Lens-Kit from gbundersea and can't imagine how I've gone without it for so long. Not only is it a nice insurance policy for my lenses, it makes it easier to handle the lenses too. When you don't have 2 hands free and your caddy is full of lenses you can just take off your current lens and let it hang while you replace it, then put the lens back in the caddy.

It's also nice not to lose strobe diffusers any more or worry about that expensive viewfinder coming loose.

Thanks for a great product, I think all dealers should have this one on the shelf.

Bobby Cunningham
PADI # DM157328
Pearland, TX USA

On my trip to the Cayman Islands I got a chance to use the Save A Lens kit for my Sea & Sea MX-10 and lenses. It worked great! Easy to attach and it saved a lot of time underwater when I wanted to switch lenses from close up to 20mm to standard. I did not waste time fumbling with the lens holder mounted atop my flash unit. With the secure save a lens cable, I could just let the lens hang down with no fear of losing a lens. I was able to get ready for shots much faster knowing that my lenses were all attached to the camera with the cable system.

Thanks for a great, practical product at a reasonable price.This should be a standard accessory for all Sea & Sea camera owners.

Safe Diving,
Bob Duchan
Studio City, CA USA

Just got back from Grand Cayman, and the kit worked great.  It took a little more time to set the camera up, but I really thought it was worth it as I was changing my brand new 20mm lens on the south wall of Grand Cayman (I really didn't want to see it sitting on the bottom of the Cayman Trench if it would have slipped!!!).

Great idea and well worth the investment.

Chris Schuessler
Glen Allen, VA USA

I ordered the Save-A-Lens Kit from gb undersea. It worked great! At first, I was concerned about the small cables getting tangled with other cameras in the rinse tank. No problem. At one point there were 8 Nikonos and MMII cameras complete with double strobes in the rinse tank and I had to look hard to even see the cable attachments, much less worry about entanglements.

On the first few dives, the cables would get twisted around each other as I changed lenses. But I soon learned to change each lens in a specific direction. Or better yet, let the removed lens dangle, while I replaced it with the other one.

After I switched to my old MX-10 workhorse, I really realized how dependent I'd become on the security of the cables on the MMII. Eventually, I just didn't change lenses unless I was within a few feet of a sandy bottom. It was just too nerve-racking to worry about dropping one. Guess what my next purchase will be!

So if you want peace of mind about not dropping a lens into the great blue beyond, spend that $25 bucks for the Save-A-Lens Kit for your camera. It's the cheapest peace of mind I've bought in a long time!

Dee Hinton
Highlands, TX USA

I used the Save-A-Lens Kit on my recent trip to Bonaire and it worked like a charm! It's like having a little insurance policy with you on each dive. I think it is a great product! Thanks!

George DeCamp

St. James, NY USA

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