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Examples of Digital Lens DockTM Mounting

Lens secured at all times

Digital Lens DockTM installed on Olympus PT- 010 housing with Sea&Sea WAL-L lens.
This is a standard mounting option, easily done with the supplied cable ties.

Additional mounting options. These are just a few generic examples from our photo archives.

Arm mounts using supplied cable ties

Arm mount using 316 stainless steel bolts

Tray mount using supplied cable ties

Although the Digital Lens DockTM can mount to almost any conceivable camera configuration, occasionally a particular setup only affords places which the photographer may not find to their liking. Also, some individuals have specific preferences as to the location they want. As a result, some Digital Lens DockTM users have come up with their own mounting solutions, which we are glad to showcase below.

Digital Lens DockTM mount made with a piece of Plexiglas, which was
added to the top of tray handle underneath the strobe arm.

Photograph copyright 2004 Jim Spears. All rights reserved. Used with permission.

A simple and inexpensive bracket made by one of our customers, who said they spent
about $5.00 and 20 minutes on the project. They did a fine job.

Photographs copyright 2003 John Gnann. All rights reserved. Used with permission.

Another simple and very effective bracket made by one of our customers.

Photographs copyright 2003 Dustin Dorton. All rights reserved. Used with permission.

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