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Comments from Digital Lens DockTM Users

I wouldn't consider taking my wide angle lens diving without the Digital Lens Dock. This device is so simple to use and gives you the peace of mind of knowing you won't drop, damage,or lose your expensive lens. I have a makeshift arm and tray for my strobe system and had no problems adding the Lens Dock to my setup.

Jim Spears
Maui, Hawaii

I heard about the Digital Lens Dock via After reading a few positive comments from other users, I ordered one to use with my Inon UWL-100 WAL and Ikelite housing for my Olympus C-4040Z digital camera.

GB Undersea was very quick to respond and gave me all kinds of useful information regarding where to place the dock.

The dock arrived quickly, and I was very pleased with it. It was a breeze to install. Placing and removing the WAL from the dock is a lot easier than actually mounting or dismounting it from the housing, so changing the lens was painless. The dock holds the WAL firmly and with its built-in save-a-lens kit, I did not have to worry about losing the WAL at all.

I would highly recommend the Digital Lens Dock to anyone with a WAL who likes to put on or take off their lens underwater.

Bangkok, Thailand

Before going on a trip around a week or so ago, I thought "wouldn't it be great if there was an easy way to keep my wide angle lens safe so I can take it off under water." I thought of possible solutions, particularly since when I was burping the lens on a trip earlier this year it slipped and almost went to the great blue beyond.

I started looking at ways to get it in and out of my BCD, but did not think it was practical or safe. I had seen holders for some standard camera systems, but nothing for my new digital lens. I was resigned to the fact that I was going to just leave the lens on, or off, for each of my upcoming dives.

Then I noticed an announcement on the web for something called the Digital Lens Dock from an outfit called GB Undersea, so I went to their website. The Dock looked just like what I needed. The first thing that impressed me was the price. As anyone who dives knows (and even more so for those of us who also shoot photographs) nothing is ever inexpensive, yet the Dock seemed very reasonable at $39.95.

The pictures on the site did not look quite like my set-up, and it looked like a different lens, so I shot an email off to GB with some questions. They responded quickly with all my questions answered. So I ordered the Dock.

It arrived within a couple of days and I packed it for my trip. When I got to the destination, I then opened the instructions right before my first dive. Whoops. There was a quick sensory overload as I looked at the parts (and thoughts of installing things always gives me an instant of trepidation) and realized I did not have the proper suggested tools for installation. But it had come over 1,000 miles and I did not want to leave it in my room, so I gave it a try anyway. I was glad I did, because installing the Dock was easier than falling off a bicycle.

After about three minutes of deciding where to place the mount, I put it on the short arm portion of my Ultralight arm. In about 60 seconds it was attached with two supplied cable ties, which I trimmed with a nail clipper since I did not have the recommended utility knife. Another 60 seconds later, the special mounting strap was on my INON WA Type II lens and trimmed. Add another minute and the safety cable securing the lens was attached. I was ready to roll.

As I tested putting the lens in and out of the Dock on land it seemed to work very easily, but the true test was the dives. It worked just as well. A small thumbscrew opens and closes the Dock enough for the lens to be placed (and not screwed) into the mount. A quick turn of the thumbscrew and the lens was snug. Another quick turn and the lens was ready to be removed and placed on my housing. Since we all fumble with D-rings and placing equipment all over our body, this simple method was a welcome relief, and something that any diver will find very easy to do. It was also nice not to have to worry about screwing the lens into the Dock and perhaps cross threading it. When that whale shark shows up and you need your wide angle lens, you want to be able to get to the lens quickly and the Dock is perfect for doing so.

The lens also balanced nicely when it was in the Dock . At no point did I ever really notice that the extra piece was on my rig.

All in all this is a great accessory to have for anyone who is carrying a digital camera and an add-on lens.

As an aside, I had a few questions over time that I sent to GB. Each time they responded promptly and politely. Based on that attitude alone, I will be watching for any other product the company releases which I can use. If any new GB product performs as half as well as the Digital Lens Dock, I am sure it will be one worth purchasing.


I was in the Keys a couple of months ago, and took off my WA lens to burp it (which I forget to do and am trying hard to remember.) As it was going back on, it slipped! My heart stopped as I saw the lens heading down to become one with the ocean. I threw my hand down to catch it, but it had stopped, suspended right above my hand, as the wonderful little line from the Dock had done its thing!

Andrew Wohl
New York, USA

On my recent trip to French Polynesia the Digital Lens Dock was a pleasure to use. I mounted the Dock on my strobe arm, where it was not only handy to access, it was indispensable. I could change to my wide angle lens as needed and never worried about dropping, losing, or banging the lens against anything. Without the Dock I wouldn't have gotten a lot of the shots that I did.

Two big megapixels up for the Digital Lens Dock!

Steve Miles
Colorado, USA

When I'm taking underwater photographs, I like to have my WAL with me, but I never felt comfortable carrying it in my BC pocket. The Digital Lens Dock provides a great solution. The lens is held securely in place by the Dock and is tethered to the camera tray by a cable. But the lens is still instantly accessible for quick mounting when that whale shark or manta swims into view!


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