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MXTENDERTM Feature Comparison

Since its introduction in 1999, the MXTENDERTM has received rave reviews from users and dealers
around the globe, and earned a solid reputation for quality, expandability, and value. Recently, a product was introduced which is similar, but falls short in every key area. Compare features below, and see why the superior MXTENDERTM system continues to be the overwhelming choice of MX-10 photographers.

Feature MXTENDER Competition Notes
Allows arm attachment YES No Optional Strobe Arm Adapter for MXTENDERTM enables the addition of any compatible arm system.
Cable length 30 INCHES 21 inches Competition's insufficient cable length severely restricts its use.
The MXTENDER'sTM heavy-duty cable is 42% longer, allowing far greater backscatter reduction and more lighting options.
Construction 6061-T6
MXTENDER'sTM structural components are precision machined of 6061-T6, the same alloy used for scuba cylinders. Its fiber optic fittings are corrosion-proof 316 stainless steel.
Secure attachment to camera and strobe YES No MXTENDERTM mounts seamlessly and locks to camera and strobe using their existing rail system. Competition relies on a rubber band to hold cable in place on strobe.
Shipping since 1999 2002 MXTENDERTM has a proven, award-winning track record, and is preferred by dealers and users alike.
Suggested retail price $199.95 $179.95 MXTENDERTM provides superior quality, expandability, and far more value for almost the same price.

The choice is clear: MXTENDERTM
The original, and the best.

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