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An MXTENDERTM System Option

MX-BaseThe MX-Base allows older MX-10's, which lack the threaded socket on their bottom, to support a Sea&Sea or compatible strobe arm system. Compact and sturdy, it is constructed of the same tough, corrosion-resistant aluminum alloy as the MXTENDERTM itself.

MX-Base with Sea&Sea Arm Adapter

The Sea&Sea Arm Adapter connects to the bottom
of the MX-Base, providing a standard point of attachment
for the strobe arm, as shown at right.

MX-Base attached to MXTENDER bracket
The MX-Base attaches easily and securely to the
MXTENDERTM camera bracket.

MX-10 System with MX-Base and Arm
A complete MX-10/YS-40 arm system consists of the MXTENDERTM,
Strobe Arm Adapter, Sea&Sea Arm Adapter,
and a Sea&Sea or compatible arm.
(Above system shown with Sea&Sea Sea Arm IV.)

NOTE: Beginning around 1998, Sea&Sea added a threaded socket to the bottom of the MX-10. If your MX-10 has the threaded socket, then you do NOT need the MX-Base! The Sea&Sea Multi-Stay Base and Arm Adapter will work perfectly. The Sea&Sea Multi-Stay Base and Arm Adapter are available at your Sea&Sea dealer.